EXEDY has hosted the special stage of the Endurance Race 2010.

EXEDY CUP OPTION2 Endurance Race Series has started again for this year. The first round was held at the Central Circuit in Hyogo Prefecture on March 6, 2010 (Saturday), and fierce battles sparked between all vehicles from the opening round.

Even though it was raining, there were 29 entries.
Though the rain that was pouring from morning has ceased to sprinkling by the time for the final race, the vehicle behavior was unstable on the damp road, and the race went on eventfully with some teams retiring due to machine troubles.
Even in this kind of condition, the race went without any major accidents due to the ability of each driver, and we were able to finish the “EXEDY CUP OPTION2 Endurance Race 2010 Round 1” in an exciting and fun mood without any incidents.

Here are the race results that everyone is interested.

Compact NA Class

First place: #15

Second place: #12

Third place: #13

Freshman Class

First place: #3

Second place: #5

Third place: #8

Thank you very much to all the people participating in this event!
Next round is the “Second Round, 4 Hour Endurance Race”!!
Next round will be held at the Central Circuit in Hyogo Prefecture on August 7, 2010 (Saturday)!

Anyone with driver’s license for cars can participate, so please join us with your friends!

We are looking forward for your participation!!

To enter the race, please refer to the SIDE PONTOON Webpage.



The two girls that have boosted the fun at the race are
Ms. Chihiro Kijima (left) and
Ms. Natsumi Oyama (right).
They have cheered with full spirit in the rain!

Blog of Ms. Chihiro Kijima:
Blog of Ms. Natsumi Oyama:

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