The use of a damper-type center hub provides unbeatable userability by significantly reducing the gear noise generated in the transmission and differential gears while it also absorbs shock torque transmitted from abrupt engagements. The CARBON-D is a clutch system designed for quiet and comfortable driving because it incorporates the driver’s need for an easily operated clutch engagement point without negatively affecting the quick engagement response and the carbon-engaged feeling.

Vibration-absorbing carbon clutch using a center hub damper

Vibration-absorbing damper

The conventional damper used in a sports clutch is designed to protect the transmission from shock torque caused by abrupt clutch engagement and does little to absorb vibration. Efficient absorption of fluctuations in engine speed requires a very flexible spring and proper setting of the hysteresis torque.*1 The flexibility of the spring, however, is likely to run counter to the damper capacity, for this reason, the CARBON-D is equipped with a new damper that features two stages – a low-load stage and rapid-acceleration stage – which is perfectly tuned for each car type. The proper adjustment of both damper rigidity and hysteresis torque prevents gear noise in the low-load stage while the new highly rigid spring ensures high-torque operation in the rapid-acceleration stage. This tuning technology is available only from EXEDY, the specialist in clutch systems.

  • (*1) Hysteresis torquie can be compared to a shock absorber in the susupension system. It has the essential function of absorbing sound vibration by controlling the torsional restitution of the damper spring.
Solid disc
The solid-type disc (without damper) passes fluctuation in engine rotation to the transmission, resulting in frequent gear noise.
The damper of the CARBON-D absorbs fluctuations in engine rotation, significantly reducing gear noise in the transmission and differential fears.

CARBON-D (Single): Product Specs

Vehicle Product Number Cover Type2 Size Clamp Load (N) Pedal Effort (N) Attachment Additional Parts Required
86 TH08SDMC1 PS φ225 8750 157N (7)(11)
BRZ TH08SDMC1 PS φ225 8750 157N (7)(11)