In 1995 Exedy supplied Carbon clutch products for use in the pinnacle series of motor sport, Formula One. This same technology is now applied to Carbon clutches developed by Exedy for use in various forms of motor-sport providing an explosive shift feeling and dramatic improvement in engine response.

Our carbon discs are able to perform through long durations of high rotational velocity due to our precise application of carbon. The fibers are set one-by-one in a weaving pattern and baked in a laminating process, finalizing the strengthening process.

Light weight and low inertia to enable superior shift feeling

Comparison in Kit Weight (Comparison Genuine Product)

Light in Weight

The heaviest components of the clutch system are the clutch cover, plates and flywheel. Full Carbon clutches utilize carbon clutch and intermediate olates achieving a reduction in total weight. Semi-Carbon clutches incorporate an improved cover configuration and lightened flywheel also enabling a reduction in vehicle weight.

Low Inertia Design

The weight of a cabon clutch disc is one third that of a metallic disc. Utilizing a high friction coefficient Hyper Carbon disc, we are able to reduce the disc diameter reducing inertia, enabling quick shift response.

Low inertia discs allow the transmission to synchronize in a shorter interval of time, eliminating time loss during shift changing while also reducing stress on drivetrain components.

CARBON-R (Triple): Product Specs

Vehicle Product Number Cover Type1 Size Clamp Load (N) Attachment Additional Parts Required
Supra TM043SBMC1 PL φ202 11,700 - (4)
  • 1 PS: Push-type, PL: Pull-type