The ultralight COMPE-D with high-capacity damper disc an updated version of the COMPE-R is an advanced clutch system for racing cars. The COMPE-D integrates muscle and low weight thanks to a high-capacity damper that protects the drive system from damage. The COMPE-D is an ultralight metal twin model with damper developed for frequent drift and circuit driving.

The ultra-lightweight Multi-Clutch System is designed to prevent damage to your drive system.

The tough, compact 6-coil damper disc absorbs shock torque and protects the drive system.
  • 1. The COMPE-D damper absorbs shock torque, minimizing damage to the drive system. It’s the right solution for alleviating damage to the drive system caused by drift and the right choice for frequent circuit drivers.
  • 2. Our new metal clutch discs equipped with a tough compact damper. The 6-PAD design ensures low weight and low inertia, contributiong to faster shift response.
  • 3. The combination of a lightweight forged aluminum clutch cover and ultraight drilled chromium-molydenum flywheel aallows us to achieve the lowest possible weight.
  • 4. The center plate with grooves provides improve disc release for better disengagement at any rpm.

Product Specs

Vehicle Product Number Cover Type2 Size Clamp Load (N) Attachment Additional Parts Required
Lancer Evo. IV - IX MM022SDL PL φ200 10,800 (3)
Impreza (GC8) FM012SDL PL φ200 10,800 F/W Bolt (7)
Impreza (GDB, GRB) FM022SDL PL φ200 10,800 F/W Bolt (7)
  • 1 Can also be equipped in R32s (late model) and R33s with conversion kits
  • 2 PS: Push-type, PL: Pull-type