Do I need conversion parts from pull type to push type for EXEDY clutches?

EXEDY is configuring pull type clutch for the pull structure cars, so it is not necessary.
Many of the other companies are only selling push type clutches. A conversion part is required to install that to the pull structure cars.

ReferenceCharacteristics of the pull type clutch

  • (1)Disconnection of the clutch becomes more efficient because the warping of the cover by the force of the diaphragm spring generating the connection force is reduced by making the rigidity of the cover higher, and since the warping direction of the cover and direction of the release operation is the same.
  • (2)Since the disconnection of the clutch is efficient, it is possible to increase the lever ratio of the diaphragm spring compared with the push type, therefore the operational force of the lever can be reduced (lighter force on the pedal).
  • (3)With the EXEDY products, one-touch release equipment for the pull type release bearing is structured in the same way as the genuine clutches.