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Hyper TWIN

We have pursued comfort on the street by adopting a cushion cover equipped with a PIVOT RING that facilitates half-clutch and a strap drive that is excellent in quietness.
The strap drive is corrected so that the two discs on the transmission side/flywheel side wear evenly.
It also contributes to longer life.
By designing the damper capacity to handle high torque, it has a high transmission protection mechanism against shock torque during acceleration and deceleration.


Pivot ring (low rigidity spring) is installed between the pressure plate and diaphragm spring.

During the semi engaged position, the pivot ring works as a cushion and expands the half-clutch zone.

This mechanism enables smooth start for such metal discs.


①Connect the pressure plate/center plate with a strap plate (leaf spring).
The occurrence of mechanical noise peculiar to multi-plates has been suppressed.

②A coil spring designed to generate an appropriate reaction force properly separates the pressure plate and the center plate, correcting the wear balance of the transmission-side disc and flywheel-side disc and extending the service life.

Product Specs

VehicleProduct NumberCover Type
SizeClamp Load (N)AttachmentAdditional Parts Required
FAIRLADY Z(RZ34)NT02SDPSφ2259500(2)(3)
*1 PS: Push-type, PL: Pull-type