EXEDY releases HONDA Civic Hatchback (FK7 / L15C) clutch!

HONDA Civic Hatchback (FK7 / L15C) will be added to the popular single sports series.


Vehicle Model Year Engine
HONDA Civic Hatchback FK7 2017/9~ L15C

Clutch Set Clutch Disc Cluth Cover Flywheel
Product No. MSRP
(excl. tax)
Product No. MSRP
(excl. tax)
Product No. MSRP
(excl. tax)
Product No. MSRP
(excl. tax)
UF HK09H \61,800 HD16H \30,800 HC16T \37,800 HF03 \66,800
S Metal HK09T \64,800 HD16T \33,800

★ Ultra FIber Disc (UF)

 Amazing specs!

 Achieves high heat resistance and high rotational strength required for motor sports by reviewing the copper wire ratio and adopting high-strength fiber.

 Excellent half-clutch characteristics and is ideal for street sports where operability is important.

★ S Metal Disc

 Weight is reduced by adopting a unique metal shape and low specific gravity metal material. The thick metal has a large heat capacity and dramatically improves heat resistance. It is used by a wide range of drivers, from street to competition.

* Both Ultra Fiber and S metal discs are damper-less.

* Since our lightweight flywheel is aimed sports driving performance, the dual mass structure used in the genuine product is omitted. The replacement may cause vibration and noise from the engine and drivetrain. This is not a malfunction.

It is availabe at the official online shop.


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