EXEDY sponsors round one of the 2016 All Japan Gymkhana Championships!

We once again served as the main sponsor for the first round of the All Japan Gymkhana Championships, which was held at Okayama International Circuit on March 6, 2016.

We had racing clutches on display as well as a live feed of the race streaming at our booth. In addition to this, EXEDY-sponsored racer Tetsuya Yamano held autograph and photo sessions out front.

Tetsuya Yamano is now competing in the PN-4 class, where he has switched to his new vehicle the EXEDY 71R EXIGE. He finished this round in fifth place.


We would like to express our thanks to all of you who came to visit our booth.

2016 All Japan Gymkhana Championships - Race Schedule and Results

Race Date Course Results
Round 1 March 5th - 6th Okayama International Circuit 5th
Round 2 April 23rd - 24th Ebisu Circuit West Course  
Round 3 May 21st - 22nd Meihan Sportsland C Course  
Round 4 June 18th - 19th Autosportsland Sunagawa  
Round 5 July 16th - 17th Mikawa Sportsland  
Round 6 August 6th - 7th Twin Ring Motegi South Course  
Round 7 September 10th - 11th Speedpark Koinoura  
Round 8 October 8th - 9th IOX-AROSA Sportsland